Certification for Cybersecurity in EU ICT using Decentralized Digital Twinning

Certification for Cybersecurity in EU ICT using Decentralised Digital Twinning


COBALT proposes the introduction of Common Certification Model (CCM) for European industries, leveraging existing standards and composing a unified cybersecurity namespace for ICT processes. The project will uphold the paradigm of Digital Twinning (DT) and extend it in a vertical agnostic approach accross different industries, including Quantum computing and I4.0.


Build an open and unified information model for EU certification of ICT products and Quantum Computing processes and services focusing on trusted sharing of information among various stakeholders.

Develop Continuous Certification functionality leveraging Digital Twinning to model, analyse and certify different processes from different verticals, and verify whether by certifying the DT its physical counterpart is effectively ertified.

Address Quantum High Performance Computing and AI certification, by assessing and analysing existing procedures and processes in the FOKUS Quantum Computer lab and the joint BOSCH/BGSG I4.0 use case.

Demonstrate and showcase the developed framework in a set of cutting-edge pilot use cases focusing on I4.0, Quantum, and ICT infrastructure.

Maximise the impact of the COBALT results via extensive communication, scientific dissemination, and exploitation activities.

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COBALT Project’s Kick-Off Meeting in Athens

We are excited to announce the eagerly awaited kick-off meeting of the COBALT project, scheduled to take place on the 28th and 29th of November 2023 in Athens. The event will be hosted by our project coordinator, NCSR “Demokritos,” at their premises located at...

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